Meeting the challenges of the brave, new mortgage world.

I’ve been harping recently on the fact that change brings opportunity to those willing to reach for it.  This is not to say, however, that those challenges are always easy to overcome.  Sometimes, everyone needs a little help.

For example:

Finding sufficient capital to meet potential new net worth agency requirements

Identifying replacement products for re-fi loans

Dealing with an existing/partner warehouse line which won’t let you sell to many end investor buyers

Current buyers which simply take too long to close your loans

Sometimes, it pays to seek a little help.  In times like this, networking is a critical means by which to tap into business experience and solutions.  Some in our industry have never seen a real purchase cycle, or don’t remember it.  Others, however, know and have lived the playbook for such a market shift. 

I deal every day with strong mortgage bankers who can turn your questions into profitable answers.  Let’s talk.



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