Mortgage brokers: What are you doing to get to the next level?

The worst may be over, and there are opportunities out there for mortgage brokers.  But it’s not likely that the “fish will be jumping into the boat” again anytime soon.  What are the best brokers doing to get an edge these days?  Ask yourself the following questions.

Are you offering products without many overlays?

What products would double your business?

Are you brokering your loans to the most efficient end investors?

Are you operating with the most efficient processes and procedures?

Do you have the best and brightest sales personal?

Are you seeking introductions to mortgage bankers who can help double your business?

Have you considered becoming a mortgage banker?  Many brokers have already done so.

How much does it cost you per loan that you produce?

Do you need more capital in your company?

Have you ever considered selling or merging your company?

There is a real place for brokers in this halting recovery.  But only those that are willing to go the extra mile…

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