Moving on from re-fi. What’s the next big thing?

I’d be beating a dead horse to devote too much more time to the death of the latest re-fi spike.  So let’s move on…as the best and most successful originators have already done.  So what are the products lenders and brokers are focusing on?  Of course, it’s the products impervious to higher interest rates.  Such as… 

  • Cash Out products
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Higher LTV Purchase Mortgages
  • Higher CLTV Helocs
  • Mortgages for non-resident aliens
  • Non-Conforming credit low LTV purchase or re-fi
  • 85-90% LTV jumbo  purchases

I’m seeing a lot of clients building their retail bases, bulking up their correspondent lines (if they have them) and diversifying. But these are some of the products several are hanging their hats on.

Now it’s your turn!  What are the products you’re seeing emerge (or re-emerge)?  Leave a comment or contact me!

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